Imperial is AZ #1 consignment lot for simple reasons! Imperial gets them sold holding a 95% success rate AND.... Imperial handles EVERYTHING for your convenience! You drop off, Imperial does the rest, and sends you a check!

The biggest bonus letting Imperial sell your trailer is, your trailer is not competing with 100+ other trailers!! Imperial keeps a moderate inventory for this reason!

Imperial also handles it from start to finish so you don't have to take the time out of your busy schedule to sell! Imperial takes care of the sell, title transfer, and if customer needs to finance because they don't have the cash, well Imperial has that covered too!

Do you still owe on your trailer! Not a problem here @ Imperial! Imperial will pay off the bank for you at the time of sell with a certified check, and that check also gets mailed certified so the bank too has to sign for it! This protects us all and eliminates any mishaps! Imperial has this experience with banks that most "new" dealers do not only because we have 20+ years behind us handling for our customers!

When consigning with Imperial, your trailer goes nation wide on about 8 different websites! We'll make your trailer famous to get it sold!

Interested in selling your trailer on consignment here at Imperial? Send us the info and we will contact you directly!